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Glassbox Expands Digital Experience Intelligence Offerings

The company released new capabilities on its Digital Intelligence Platform in the form of Voice of the Customer and User Timelines at its annual conference, DigitalWorld

NEW YORK – Glassbox (TASE:GLBX), the leading provider of digital experience analytics for web and mobile applications, revealed the latest offerings on its Digital Experience Intelligence (DXI) platform at its annual user conference, DigitalWorld, June 1-2, 2022. The new offerings, Voice-of-Customer (VoC) and User Timelines, are aimed at humanizing the customer journey and providing deeper insights to help customers meet their users’ needs by understanding the customer experience across their entire lifecycle with their brand.

In part one of its newest offerings, Glassbox has uniquely combined the power of digital experience analytics and VoC to create one centralized platform to better understand and resolve issues surfaced through customer feedback, quantify its impact on traffic, proactively build a digital experience and better engage customers to provide feedback where it’s most needed. Key benefits of this addition include improved issue resolution, quantifying how the issues surfaced through feedback affect all traffic, not just the few who leave reviews, identifying growth opportunities and experience driven VoC.

“One year ago at Digital World we released the first DXI platform,” said Glassbox CEO Yaron Morgenstern. “Our comprehensive approach to digital experience with VoC integration will deliver next level insights to help companies align their business goals with consumers’ needs. At the same time, we value our industry partnerships and will continue to work to provide enterprise level VoC integrations and support for customers with third-party platforms.”

Continuing to build out the broadest DXI platform on the market, Glassbox unveiled User Timelines. The new offering presents individual users’ all-time interaction with a customer’s application and provides high level summary statistics as well as per-session data. The insights gained from utilizing User Timelines allow customers to better understand why a negative review was written or a shopping cart was abandoned with a high value still inside. Additional use cases include compliance, sales insights, personalized customer support and better product design.

“User Timelines is the first product on the market to aggregate customer experience data and display it from the user perspective. This allows Glassbox customers to understand their users at both a micro and a macro level with the ability to see a summary of all interactions and also drill down into individual sessions,” continued Morganstern. “While we continue to expand the offerings on our industry leading DXI platform, each one works in tandem with the other. Customers are presented with a holistic view of their users’ interactions, providing unparalleled insights that drive improved digital experiences and ultimately a larger return on investment.”

Both products are slated to be unveiled at DigitalWorld, the company’s annual conference bringing together leaders in the digital and customer experience space to connect and engage on trending industry topics. DigitalWorld will be held in Boston on June 1-2, 2022.

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