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Glassbox Fortifies Mobile Offering With Two New Patents; Focus on User Privacy and First-Party Data

Brand’s latest patents improve end user privacy and create more efficiency through data compression between client and server

NEW YORK  Glassbox (TASE:GLBX), a leading provider of digital experience analytics for web and mobile applications, has bolstered its mobile offering with two new patents focused on allowing customers to safely analyze and leverage first-party data. The first patent (US11373001B2) lets Glassbox customers swiftly and simply mask end user personal information remotely and in real time, providing them the ability to maintain the privacy of users information while still capturing the maximum information that allows them to effectively leverage first-party data to improve their customers digital experience. The second patent (US20220191345A1) is a proprietary data compression algorithm that creates efficiency between the client and server, maximizing the amount of data the customer retains while ensuring vital server and bandwidth resources are not wasted. The two new patents continue the company's legacy of innovation that has paced the digital customer experience analytics industry since Glassbox entered the mobile space more than eight years ago.

“Digital consumers are looking for two things, a seamless experience as well as privacy for their personal information,” said Stephanie Corby, Practice Director at Enterprise Strategy Group. “The two patents Glassbox recently received are aimed at just that and give their customers the ability to seamlessly mask users personal information as well as gain insights in an efficient way that allows them to adapt to and meet end user expectations.”

With patent (US11373001B2), Glassbox customers can remotely make precise changes in real time to masking end user personal information in native mobile apps. Most customer experience analytics companies require developers to make changes to the actual app code and roll out an update to end users every time a change is made to the app. This cumbersome process delays when end users personal information is protected and increases the cost to companies due to the technical expertise and time it requires. The patent Glassbox received allows non-developers to visually identify sensitive information and create simple rules to tell the system where to mask. This saves customers money while more quickly and efficiently masking end user personal information. These changes that are pushed in real time more effectively protect user data and don’t require Glassbox customers to roll out a new version of their app or install a new SDK file everytime they make a small change.

“Quality first-party data is key for businesses to deliver the digital experience their customers demand and to stay on top of issues and trends happening in their digital ecosystem,” said Yaron Gueta, Glassbox CTO. “End users also place a high value on their privacy while wanting a frictionless digital journey. Glassbox values what both our customers and their consumers need. Receiving these patents solidifies us as a leader in not only providing vital first-party data for businesses but also in protecting the privacy of their customers at the same time.”

Glassbox created the proprietary data compression algorithm (patent US20220191345A1) to determine compression rates for images, specifically images containing text. Many data compression solutions exist, some focus on compressing visual information and others on compressing textual information. However, visual information can also contain text and over compressing visual data can render the text within it unreadable, under compressing that same data can lead to a waste of storage space and bandwidth resources. Glassbox’s algorithm identifies visual information containing text and determines the right compression ratio to maximize space and bandwidth while ensuring the information is still usable.

“Glassbox provides our customers with a lot of data so they can gain a deep understanding of their customers' digital journey. That data creates an immense amount of traffic between the user and the server,” continued Gueta. “Storage space and bandwidth are valuable commodities in our industry. Glassbox found the right balance between compressing data to optimize efficiency while still retaining the information our customers rely on us to provide.”

With this release, the company now owns a total of eight patents, and has several others pending. Glassbox customers have enjoyed the benefits of these mobile innovations for some time. Receiving the patents continues the company's legacy of innovation and further cements it as a leader in digital customer experience intelligence. 

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