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Glassbox Launches Global Partner Network to Drive Enterprise Digital Transformation With AI-Powered CX Solutions

Partner program offers new incentives and scalable go-to-market resources to drive strong partnerships and help brands deliver superior digital CX

New York – Glassbox, the premier provider of AI-fueled customer intelligence solutions, today announced the launch of the Glassbox Partner Network. This global initiative unites technology and service providers dedicated to helping organizations drive exceptional customer experiences through digital transformation. Glassbox is launching alongside best-in-class partners, including Adobe, Microsoft, AWS, Optimizely, Kameleoon, Blue Triangle, Ness Technologies, Eviden, NTT Data, Fairplay, Digital Monk and ATON and is actively growing its partner ecosystem with additional partners across the globe.

The Glassbox Partner Network (GPN) provides a mutually beneficial path for partners to propel their clients' digital evolution using Glassbox's innovative solutions. Through comprehensive training, support and co-marketing initiatives, partners not only gain expertise in leveraging Glassbox's capabilities but also unlock new revenue streams and expand service offerings, fostering their own growth alongside their clients.

“It has been a fantastic experience collaborating within the Glassbox Partner Network. Working together on financial clients, we've seen firsthand how Glassbox's advanced and secure technology seamlessly integrates with Eviden's well-established digital experience practice,” said Chris Robson Head of CX Platforms & Digital Analytics at Eviden, an Atos Group company. “This synergy has significantly enhanced our ability to deliver exceptional results and insights, solidifying our reputation as leaders in the digital environment."

The Glassbox Partner Network is structured into three tiers: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Each tier offers increasing levels of benefits and engagement opportunities, ensuring tailored support and rewards for partners at different stages, including:

  • Partner investment funds

  • Lead distribution

  • Marketing development funds

  • Accelerated compensation models

  • Training and certification programs

  • Go-to-market resources

By teaming up with Glassbox's ecosystem of trusted partners, which spans local specialists to global enterprises, organizations can tap into a wealth of expertise to supercharge sales, expand market reach, boost brand credibility, accelerate time to market, and drive customer loyalty.

“Our partnership with Glassbox highlights the strength of a customer-centric approach, ensuring confidence, speed, and quality in every interaction,” said Jeff Cheal, VP, Global Strategic & Technology Partnerships at Optimizely. “Together, our aligned vision and seamless teamwork continue to push the boundaries of innovation and customer satisfaction through experimentation and AI-fueled intelligence that drive the most optimized digital customer experiences.”

As brands navigate an increasingly complex digital landscape, the Glassbox Partner Network will help fuel new customer intelligence solutions that improve end-to-end digital experiences. Through collaborative innovation, partners can help enterprises in sectors such as Financial Services, Telco, Healthcare and Travel/Hospitality optimize operations, cultivate brand loyalty, and drive sustained growth by delivering seamless, insight-fueled digital journeys that delight customers at every touchpoint.

“The Glassbox Partner Network is a game-changer, designed to drive exceptional value for our shared customers and drive mutual growth and revenue,” said Alex Richards, Vice President of Partnerships at Glassbox. “By collaborating with best-in-class partners globally, we are unlocking powerful new opportunities that will transform how businesses engage with their customers, setting a new standard in the digital landscape.”

To explore partnership opportunities and become a part of the Glassbox Partner Network, visit

About Glassbox

Glassbox is the premier provider of AI-fueled customer intelligence solutions, working with the world’s smartest digital brands to revolutionize the way companies engage and connect with their customers online. Purpose-built for the enterprise, Glassbox securely captures data across infinite digital interactions to understand the root causes behind customer behaviors, transforming data into decisions so brands can act in mere minutes. Customers across industries and geographies, including Marriott Hotels & Resorts, Quicken, Inc.,, Danone, L’Oreal, Nestle, Ace Hardware, Air Canada, and 60% of the largest U.S.-based banks, choose Glassbox to translate deep customer insights into enhanced digital experiences, leading to improved brand loyalty, conversions and revenue. Glassbox has been recognized for its industry prowess and strength of its solutions by G2, named a G2 Top Software Company and a leader in multiple categories based on high satisfaction scores from real customer reviews. To learn more about the brain behind the smartest digital brands, visit:


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