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Glassbox Included in the Gartner Competitive Landscape: Customer Analytics Report

NEW YORK – Glassbox, a digital experience analytics platform for web and mobile app, today announced that Gartner named Glassbox as a Representative Emerging Provider Focusing on Emerging CA Solution Capabilities in its Competitive Landscape: Customer Analytics report, published on January 4th, 2021, for the second year in a row.

Garner identifies two main competitive vendor approaches in the space, Intelligent Enterprise App Providers and Emerging Customer Analytics Solution Providers, which includes vendors who specialize in offering emerging and complex CA solution capabilities; Glassbox is included in this category.

Asim Zaheer, CMO at Glassbox said “We continue strengthening our positioning within the customer analytics solutions’ landscape and to us, being included in this Gartner report, two years in a row, is a testament of the value our solution brings to customers and our commitment to offer them the most advanced technology available within the market”.

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