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Glassbox Ushers in the Next Era of Customer Feedback Management with AI-Powered Voice of the Silent Solution

New approach closes the feedback gap facing traditional Voice of the Customer (VoC) programs by analyzing 100% of digital customer experiences

New York – Glassbox (TASE:GLBX), a leading provider of digital experience intelligence for web and mobile applications, today announced the availability of its new, AI-powered Voice of the Silent (VoS) solution. This innovation eliminates the substantial gap in data collected by traditional VoC programs, which capture feedback from an average of 4% of customers, thus not accounting for the experiences of most customers.

Insufficient customer feedback is one of the top challenges leaders face when managing a product portfolio. While C-suite leaders heavily rely on customer experience (CX) metrics such as CSAT and NPS to drive decision-making, these scores only reflect a fraction of customer experiences, casting doubts on their accuracy in reflecting the overall customer sentiment. Additionally, interpreting qualitative customer feedback can be challenging due to its inherent ambiguity, making it difficult to translate insights into actionable steps. Glassbox’s VoS solution addresses all these issues by using AI to correlate customer feedback with digital experience data across 100% of customers, providing organizations with a more complete, clear and actionable understanding of their customer experience.

“The current model for gathering and analyzing customer feedback is limited–broken, even,” said Glassbox co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Yaron Gueta. “Our Voice of the Silent solution addresses this challenge by delivering practical insights that reflect the collective experience of all customers, ensuring that no voice goes unheard. By intelligently leveraging a small sample of customer feedback, the VoS product’s AI algorithms empower businesses to make data-driven decisions and enhance customer experiences with a fraction of the feedback traditionally required.”

A recent survey conducted by Glassbox shows that only 18% of consumers participate in brand experience surveys every time they are asked, which are the main sources of data for traditional VoC programs. Further, consumers are more likely to participate in brand experience surveys when the experience has been particularly memorable, either negatively or positively. As a result, feedback from customers with average brand experiences – a silent majority at 58% of consumers – is not considered or weighted accurately.

Glassbox’s Voice of the Silent (VoS) solution bridges the gap between the small percentage of users who provide feedback and the entire customer base. By employing advanced machine learning algorithms and analyzing 100% of sessions, VoS identifies users with similar experiences and groups them together. This ensures feedback scores represent not just the customers who provided feedback but also all customers with that experience, giving more context and credibility to CX metrics such as NPS and CSAT scores. In doing so, VoS gives leaders more confidence in their decision-making, provides more context for collected feedback, and helps prioritize development and support decisions.

Glassbox continues its dedication to leveraging AI for digital intelligence with the introduction of the Voice of the Silent solution, building upon the recent launch of its generative AI virtual assistant, GIA, last month. Both advancements signify significant progress towards fulfilling the company’s vision of Autonomous CX, aimed at delivering self-optimizing digital applications.

To learn more about how Glassbox gives a voice to the silent majority of customers to drive better experiences, visit: Glassbox Voice of the Silent.


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