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Glassbox Launches Mobilebox: The Only One-Stop-Shop Mobile Customer Experience Solution, Enabling Enterprises to Securely Understand Apps from Every Possible Angle

LONDON – Glassbox, the leading enterprise Digital Customer Management solution, today announced the launch of its breakthrough technology Mobilebox, which promises to bridge the existing gap between enterprise mobile apps and websites when it comes to Customer Experience analytics.

A recent research published by Statista shows mobile apps are projected to hit $188.9 billion in revenue by 2020 and according to MRFR, the mobile analytics market is expected to reach approximately $5 billion by 2023. This proves there is a real need to monitor and understand mobile apps.

Mobilebox, unlike any other competitive solution, consolidates several capabilities into a single import level SDK, which allows enterprises to keep tight control over maintenance-costs, app size and performance. Mobilebox is a game-changer in the mobile app industry as it’s the only one-stop-shop solution that enables organizations to understand mobile apps from every possible angle – app adoption, monitoring, stability, struggle analysis and many more – while combining the only real-time session replay in the market to date.

Yaron Morgenstern, CEO at Glassbox said, “With the addition of Mobilebox to the already thorough Glassbox proposition, we hand over to our customers the keys to a complete digital customer management solution. We empower enterprises to overcome a siloed approach web vs mobile and to combine data, analytics and automatic insights into an overarching, unified approach that allows them to amplify yet simplify customer experience across all digital platforms, including mobile.”

Yaron Gueta, CTO at Glassbox added, “Mobilebox reverses the trend of adding more SDKs into your app, which increases its size and puts its stability at risk. With Mobilebox and a single SDK, enterprises can now cover many use cases, such as, customer experience, performance analytics, crash analysis. digital compliance, real-time export to data lakes, and more.”

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