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Glassbox, Through Its Mobile App Solution, Mobilebox, Pops the Cork on New Relationship with Vinsent

Digital Customer Management Solution Provider Chosen by Disruptive Fine Wine Merchant App to Provide Advanced Behavioural and Experience Performance Analytics

TEL AVIV – Glassbox, the leading enterprise Digital Customer Management solution provider, today announced that its recently launched Mobilebox technology is now being used by fine wine merchant app Vinsent. Mobilebox is a one-stop-shop solution that helps enterprises understand their mobile apps from every possible angle: adoption, performance and customer experience.

Vinsent offers wine lovers the opportunity to purchase wines directly from wineries months after harvest (i.e. wine futures) and get the latest updates from the winemakers themselves. With plans to expand in 2019, Vinsent now offers consumers the ability to purchase from a library of over 20 wines through a pilot group of 10 curated wineries in Spain, Italy, Israel and the United States.

“Launching a customer app is always demanding, and it becomes even more challenging when your mission involves reshaping the way a purchase experience happens,” said Gil Picovsky, co-founder and COO, Vinsent. “We already knew Glassbox offers a powerful web and mobile digital customer management solution, but after a short PoC, it was clear Mobilebox has a superior proposition compared to other well-known vendors we looked at. We look forward to rolling out their powerful automated journey mapping tools as soon as they are officially released.”

Hanan Blumstein, co-founder and chief product and customer success officer of Glassbox, commented, “We are extremely proud to be able to add Vinsent to our global customer base. They were looking for a solution that consolidates several capabilities into a single import level SDK, thus enabling them to keep tight control over maintenance costs, app size and performance. The fact that Mobilebox is able to do so while delivering priceless insights and meeting the highest security and privacy standards was key to their decision.”

About Vinsent

Vinsent is a marketplace that gives wine lovers a unique experience to partner directly with leading wineries around the world. With Vinsent wine lovers can purchase wines months after harvest (i.e. wine futures) and get the latest updates about their wines from the winemakers themselves. By enabling wineries to easily offer wine futures direct to consumers, wineries can now enjoy early cash flow and build long-lasting loyalty with their end consumers. Learn more at

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