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Glassbox Unveils its Augmented Journey Map Capability Allowing Global Enterprises to Visualize the Unknown

Glassbox spearheads innovation within augmented analytics to help global enterprises make customer experiences intuitive and safe at a fraction of the effort

NEW YORK – Glassbox, the leading Enterprise Digital Customer Experience Orchestration solution, today unveiled its highly anticipated Augmented Journey MapTM and triggered a new era of Augmented Analytics for Customer Experience.

Glassbox helps all business teams to recover hidden revenues while making digital customer experiences intuitive and safe, by feeding-off AI-driven, real-time, multi-dimensional and automatic insights from online Customer Journeys.

Positioning itself as a true game-changer, Glassbox’s Augmented Journey MapTM provides online marketers, product owners, IT experts and digital analysts a complete and multi-dimensional vision of all Customer journeys through their complex website and mobile apps—automatically and instantly.

“Our solution is the only Journey Map, which is fully autonomous, requires no tagging or updates when your website and mobile app change. Thanks to our server-side patent, we are the only platform showing customers both aspects of customer experience, the client-side and the server-side and we are the only solution to provide enterprises with a single customer view, which consolidates all web and mobile journeys,” explains Yaron Gueta, CTO at Glassbox.

He continues, “Augmented Journey MapTM is the first of our important releases for 2020 and addresses the need to evolve from complex dashboards to intuitive and visual insights that any business leader can use to drive decisions.”

Yaron Morgenstern, CEO at Glassbox adds, “We are delivering on what global enterprises have been asking customer analytics providers for the past five years. It’s an important achievement to be the only platform to deliver it to market, and – based on what we see from clients who are in the process of deploying the feature – it will help our Customers to generate greater-than-ever ROI from the use of Glassbox.”

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