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Investec Click & Invest Partners with Glassbox: Enhancing Their Online Journey and Client Experience Through Real-time Monitoring and Big Data Analytics

LONDON – Investec Click & Invest, the online investment platform, today announced it has partnered with Glassbox, the digital customer management experts, to enhance its client journey and deliver exceptional service. Glassbox software enables Click & Invest’s client service team to monitor a client’s journey in real time, to help with user difficulties, gather insights, and to enforce regulatory monitoring requirements in a non-intrusive way.

Click & Invest, part of Investec Wealth & Investment, was launched in June 2017 and offers high quality investment management combined with an easy to use and convenient online experience. Click & Invest is uniquely positioned to create and actively manage investment portfolios that are specific to a client’s attitude toward risk, helping them achieve their investment goals.

Stewart Teague, Head of Operations for Click & Invest comments, “We understand that, for many, an online experience can feel impersonal, especially when investing your hard-earned money. For us to have a clear view of the journeys that our clients are taking and the difficulties they may be facing, in real time, Glassbox allows us to help the individuals overcome any online hurdles. And secondly, the ability to review activity from a compliance perspective is important and adds an element of reassurance for the client, whilst not compromising any personal data. We believe that with Glassbox, we are able to enhance the client experience, allowing us to deliver a high-quality service.”

Glassbox offers a sophisticated system that varies the level of access Click & Invest staff have, depending on the business requirement. The ability to remove sensitive client information allows the system to perform a number of important functions from monitoring a client journey to regulatory monitoring. “As one of the market leading big data solution providers, we are proud to be selected by Click & Invest to help them continuously improve their digital service and create a unique investment management experience for their clients,” said Yaron Morgenstern, CEO, Glassbox.

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