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New Data Reveals the Top Three Friction Points in Digital Customer Journeys When Booking Travel

NEW YORK – Glassbox, the leading analytics platform used to optimize user experiences on web and mobile applications, today released survey data that reveals the viewpoints and behaviors of consumers using digital platforms within the travel and hospitality industry.

Glassbox sought to explore the importance of effective digital journeys for airline, hotel and travel companies as travel increases with borders opening to tourism. The survey of over 1,000 Americans found:

  • 45% of respondents report that a difficult-to-navigate website is the top point of friction encountered when booking travel online/through an app, followed by lack of price transparency (39%) and technical glitches (30%).
  • 55% of respondents report that a negative experience on a website or app when booking travel has a notable impact on customer opinion of the company as a whole.
  • Despite rising COVID-19 cases, 57% of respondents reported planning a personal or family vacation in the next year. 26.8% of respondents are “extremely comfortable” traveling.

“As interest in resuming travel continues to grow, it is increasingly important to ensure that customers experience a seamless digital journey in order to maintain a positive reputation,” said Mark Flaharty, Chief Growth Officer at Glassbox. “According to respondents, along with addressing a convoluted customer navigation path, companies will benefit by identifying which points in the digital journey are accustomed to technical glitches or misleading price-points. Given that many Americans have become accustomed to browsing digitally during pandemic lockdowns, addressing these friction points should be a top priority.”

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