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Radically Enabling the Best User Experience, Responsibly Protecting Users and Their Data

There’s been a flurry of press coverage expressing alarm over technology from Glassbox and our competitors.

TechCrunch’s piece raised valid concerns. Yet we believe it is partial and doesn’t adequately convey the many benefits for our customers and their users; or reflect the security and privacy capabilities inherent in Glassbox, that might not exist in other Session Replay vendors.

Glassbox and its customers are not interested in “spying” on consumers. Our goals are to improve online customer experiences and to protect consumers from a compliance perspective. Since its inception, Glassbox has helped organizations improve millions of customer experiences by providing tools that record and analyze user activity on web sites and apps. This information helps companies better understand how consumers are using their services, and where and why they are struggling.

We are strong supporters of user privacy and security. Glassbox — unlike other player in its category — provides its customers with the tools to mask every element of personal data. We firmly believe that our customers should have clear policies in place so that consumers are aware that their data is being recorded — just as contact centers inform users that their calls are being recorded.


  • No data collected by Glassbox customers is shared with third parties, nor enriched through other external sources.
  • Glassbox meets the highest security and data privacy standards and regulations (e.g. SOC2, GDPR), and all data captured via our solution is highly secured and encrypted.
  • We provide our customers with the most unique and advanced ability to mask every piece of data entered by a consumer, restrict access to authorized users, and maintain a full audit log of every user accessing the system.

We don’t simply record data and provide customers with session replay. Brands come to us because Glassbox means source-proof, tamper-proof, encrypted records of digital activity. These characteristics make Glassbox invaluable, not to ‘spy’ on customers, but to (a) aid in creating the best and easiest digital journey, and (b) protect both brands and customers with evidential truth that allows for safe and compliant digital experiences.

Recognizing the increased complexity around global privacy and data security, Glassbox is undertaking organizational changes to improve its compliance practices, particularly in the area of privacy and data security.

Glassbox has recently implemented the following achievements:

  • Appointed a dedicated organization-wide director of compliance;
  • Established a professional services dedicated team that will work closely with Glassbox clients to support the configuration of the Glassbox solution around our clients’ compliance protocols; and
  • Established a professional cyber-security dedicated team to continually support Glassbox clients’ data security needs, as well as the general security protocols contained the Glassbox system/solution architecture.

Beyond the foregoing, Glassbox plans to implement development changes and improve the user opt-in methodologies contained within the Glassbox solution and work with Glassbox customers to configure the same within their user subscription processes. In addition, Glassbox intends to increase the contractual compliance accountability of its clients by requiring its customers to certify compliance on a semi-regular basis or risk suspension/termination.

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