Securely retain the digital records that matter

Session Vault manages the retention, retrieval and replay of the important digital sessions you need to keep for the longer term. Now you can easily and quickly access and replay important digital records.

Session Vault for Digital Record Keeping

Easily store and manage your digital interactions

Session Vault automatically stores the sessions you have a legitimate interest in. It enables you to retain sessions for months or years, to instantly retrieve them when required, and to increase storage as needed. Every session is captured exactly as it happened, regardless of device or browser. The data is tamper-proof, time-stamped, indexed and searchable with a full audit log for added security.

Whether you are a compliance or risk analyst, a call center manager or part of a legal team preparing for an audit, you will benefit from Session Vault's flexible and easy to manage digital record retention options.

Keep digital records for complaints and compliance

Complaint resolution made easy

If a customer contacts you with a complaint, you can instantly retrieve and replay the session and see exactly what the customer experienced – easily find out what went wrong and why, and the cause so you can fix it faster and prevent future struggles.

Regulatory data on demand

Session capture and replay technology accelerates the discovery process by allowing you to search for and replay every session that meets the criteria – speeding up the process and reducing the cost of reviews and investigations.

Retain what you need

Use session attributes to define which sessions to retain and for how long - each attribute can be set and retained for a different retention period, depending the requirement. Configure your data retention parameters for sessions such as customer onboarding, consent forms, complaints, etc

Improve data governance

Glassbox gives you the flexibility to either mask or omit sensitive and personally identifiable information and choose who has access to it within your organisation.

Increase speed and efficiency in fraud investigation

Fraud investigations are easier with Session Vault. Following a fraud complaint, you can replay previous sessions, investigate events and see what happened.

Are you ready for the UK’s new Consumer Duty regulation?