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Powering the switch to digital

The days of single service providers are gone. Consolidation of broadband, TV, telephone and wireless is the new normal in the telecom industry. Traditional service revenues are declining, while online streaming players earn the lion’s share of digital revenues.

Glassbox helps telecoms understand customers better so you can foster loyalty and drive competitive advantage. You can use digital behavior analytics to create personalized marketing campaigns, spot UX issues through struggle scores and cover more customer needs in your digital channels.

Powering The Switch To Digital

Optimize the digital experience

Get powerful insights into your customers’ habits and struggles across mobile and web on one platform. Ensure you optimize the digital experience, including self-service options for ordering, billing, onboarding, account management and customer service.
Session Replay

Session replay

Watch playbacks of every session—every tap, pinch, swipe, and tilt.
Struggle Identification

Struggle identification

Identify user struggles and get an automated score—out-of-the-box—and understand why they’re happening.
Crash Analytics

Crash analytics

Replicate crashes and understand what caused them and their impact on the bottom line.
Device Performance

Device performance

Understand which device types and operating systems experience the most issues and why.
Fix Bugs Fast

Fix bugs fast

Anomaly detection and real-time alerts help identify and resolve issues before they become a major problem.
Operate At Speed

Operate at speed

Use real-time insights to resolve issues faster and provide a better CX for users.

Insights into the full journey

Glassbox captures 100% of every session and maps them across your website and mobile app. This means there are no gaps in your analytics, no issues that go unnoticed, and no assumptions when it comes to each customer’s preferences.

Personalized content

By tracking all user activity across your digital channels, you can better understand each customer’s personal preferences. Feed this information into marketing systems like Adobe Target to serve up recommended content and personalized offers to keep users engaged and drive upsells.

Behavioral analytics

Automatically index every moment in every journey to identify trends and patterns. Through analytics and careful segmentation you can create highly relevant marketing campaigns that are more likely to engage your target audience.

Case Studies

Purina increases digital engagement across their website

"With insights into our users behavior, we improved customer experience, engagement and ultimately drove more revenue."
Jill Taylor
Digital Product Lead
Case Studies

NBrown increases customer lifetime value

"By understanding the friction points driving conversions, we increased both customer acquisition and their lifetime value"
Chris Grant
Head of User Experience
Case Studies

Visa CAL streamlines their credit card application process

"With Glassbox, we found the full root cause of the issue, including communication with the server.”
Ofer Goldberg
Head of Digital Services
Case Studies

Air Canada removes friction from the online reservation process

"If I had to choose only one analytics tool for my product, it would be Glassbox without hesitation.”
Sylvain Robitaille
Senior Customer Experience Analyst
Case Studies

Bank Leumi saw ROI with Glassbox for mobile apps in just 8 weeks

"We couldn’t imagine better cooperation with a tech partner than the one we have with Glassbox.”
Mobile App Product Manager
Bank Leumi
Case Studies

SoFi improves digital journey for big revenue impact

"Glassbox gives us the most accurate view of how our members experience our app and gives us confidence in our UX.”
Software Development Lead
Case Studies

Just Right Improves the Digital Experience for Pet Owners

"With insights into our users’ behavior on different devices, we are delivering best in class experiences on both mobile and web"
Courtney Toder
Digital Product Lead

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