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Always be the first stop for travelers

Airlines, train operators and hotel chains face fierce competition from new players with digital business models. Online tools allow travelers to easily compare ticket prices and vacation packages and change providers with a swipe of a finger. Customer loyalty in the travel and hospitality sector is rare.

To stay competitive, travel organizations must identify, in real time, performance or usability issues on their websites and mobile apps and take action. Glassbox finds and alerts you to digital UX issues to increase conversions at critical stages of the travel customer experience such as bookings, upgrades or cancellations.

Always Be The First Stop For Travelers

Optimize conversions in your travel customer experience

Vacations should be fun and exciting, and that includes searching and booking. Glassbox empowers travel and hospitality organizations to identify struggles and optimize every digital journey so it’s easy for customers to compare prices, read reviews and confirm their booking on your web or mobile app.

Session Replay

Session replay

Watch playbacks of every session—every tap, pinch, swipe and tilt.
Crash Analytics

Crash analytics

Replicate crashes and understand what caused them.
Interaction Maps

Interaction maps

See customer behavior and focus time on every screen and element.
Device Performance

Device performance

Understand which devices experience issues such as failed searches, and why.
Journey Analysis

Journey analysis

Connect mobile app analytics with APM systems, VOC data and A/B testing systems.
Struggle Identification

Struggle identification

Identify user struggles—out-of-the-box—and understand why they’re happening.

Understand engagement

Glassbox automatically captures all web and app activity, which means it’s easy to discover how your consumers are engaging with your website and native mobile application. Track every engagement to understand the app features and content that are getting the most engagement from customers on each channel. You can use this data to optimize your pages, screens, forms and buttons to drive optimal results.

Deeper insights

Booking vacations should be a pleasure, not a chore. Uncover user pains such as latency, crashes, errors, broken links and other issues to improve the overall customer experience. Use session replay to understand how users navigate your app, and to identify errors and glitches. See everything the customer sees as well as what they don’t, including how the experience is impacted by device, operating system, memory, network errors and IT systems.

Identify struggles

Uncover the screens where users experience the most struggles. Break down web and mobile data analytics by struggle types such as rage clicks, dead clicks, tilts and zooms, as well as technical glitches and app crashes. See struggles by app version to identify if a UI change has had an impact on usability or customer experience issues.
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Visa CAL streamlines their credit card application process

"With Glassbox, we found the full root cause of the issue, including communication with the server.”
Ofer Goldberg
Head of Digital Services
Leumi Bank

Bank Leumi saw ROI with Glassbox for mobile apps in just 8 weeks

"We couldn’t imagine better cooperation with a tech partner than the one we have with Glassbox.”
Mobile App Product Manager
Bank Leumi

SoFi improves digital journey for big revenue impact

"Glassbox gives us the most accurate view of how our members experience our app and gives us confidence in our UX.”
Software Development Lead
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Air Canada removes friction from the online reservation process

"If I had to choose only one analytics tool for my product, it would be Glassbox without hesitation.”
Sylvain Robitaille
Senior Customer Experience Analyst

BetVictor supports and protects customers with Glassbox

"Because Glassbox doesn’t require tags, it needs minimal effort from us so we can focus on our customers.”
Kay Fenemore
Head of Customer Service

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