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DigitalWorld day 2 recap: What makes us human?

Humans crave meaning

DigitalWorld day 2 started off with Kate O’Neill’s conversation with thoughts from her new book: Pixels and Place: Connecting Human Experience Across Physical and Digital Spaces. In the book she describes an approach to serving people with relevant digital interactions while meeting them in the context of their physical surroundings.

The truth is there is no “online” and “offline” anymore. Whether you’re offering a product for purchase, a travel destination, a healthcare service, an education or just about anything else, what you’re really offering is an experience — and your customers increasingly expect these experiences to be integrated, contextually relevant and meaningful.

Going forward, Kate encouraged us to think about:

  • Interoperability. What is the value of being radically extensible?
  • Expansiveness. What is the meaning of extending beyond perceived limitations, while simultaneously offering a sense of place? Think about the value of your brand to people who enjoy it. What does that suggest about the economy of the experience your brand can create?
  • Persistence, synchronicity, and on-demand experiences.
  • The value of special experiences that might happen at one time. What does that temporal value mean to the people who enjoy your brand?

Digital experience intelligence: The power of context

The second keynote of the day looked toward the future with Hanan Blumstein, Glassbox’s Co-Founder, Chief Product & Customer Success Officer, in his talk about digital experience intelligence (DXI) and the Glassbox innovation roadmap. Hanan shared the importance of uniting strategic and tactical teams so customer needs appear identical to both.

“When everyone has the same view of the customer’s needs, we work together to efficiently prioritize solutions,” said Hanan.

Going forward, Glassbox is focused on delivering:

  • Continued enhancements of core SDK tech
  • Support for new frameworks and enhanced capabilities on existing ones
  • New application onboarding wizard
  • User timeline(s) with voice of the customer (VoC)

The ultimate goal is to enable both the executive management teams, as well as those who do the work to improve customer experience by casting customer needs in the same light across any organization.

Building digital trust while combating fraud

Oksana Balytsky and David Coates from Forter talked about building digital trust while combating fraud. Fraud is no longer a siloed transactional problem. It’s a customer experience problem centered around trust that spans the entire customer journey.

And as it turns out, even with the most user-friendly website, seamless app experience and intuitive checkout process, 40% of falsely declined customers will simply never do business with you again.

To combat fraud in your digital channels, it was suggested that you:

  • Focus on fraud challenges earlier in the customer journey
  • Monitor transactions more closely with automation tools

Catch DigitalWorld virtual experience

If you missed the event, you can check out the day 1 recap from DigitalWorld here. We also invite you to join us June 28 from 11:00am-1:30pm EDT as we kick off the DigitalWorld virtual experience. From there, you can watch any of the sessions from this event at your convenience. Register here.

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