Glassbox vs Contentsquare: Which is better for your organization?


What is Glassbox used for?

Glassbox collects data showing the way users interact with your website and mobile app. The data, in turn, helps you identify and rectify struggles users are facing and opportunities for improving your customers’ digital experience with you.

What is Contentsquare used for?

Contentsquare is a digital experience intelligence platform that helps you collect and analyze user interaction data so you can improve your customers’ online experience with you. Contentsquare alternatives include Glassbox which captures user interaction and technical events data to give you a holistic picture of users’ journey on your website.

Which companies use Glassbox

Companies like Air Canada, Allianz, Sainsbury’s, SoFi, and Marriot use Glassbox. Broadly, financial service providers as well as businesses from the retail/eCommerce and travel/hospitality use Glassbox to gain a strong understanding of their customer behavior across their website and mobile app.

How many customers does Contentsquare have?

Contentsquare helps over 1,000 customers across various industries. This includes businesses from the beauty, B2B, apparel, and automotive industries — mainly folks who don’t have extensive data requirements. In contrast, large enterprises like those in financial services, travel, and retail use Glassbox since it provides in-depth customer behavior data across websites and apps, all while meeting organizations’ advanced requirements around data security and privacy.