Create digital banking products that customers love

Customers rate digital banking and security as their bank’s best features. Deliver exceptional – and secure – digital experiences with Glassbox.

Glassbox for Digital Banking

Compete with disruptors and grow brand loyalty

Digital disruptors are challenging traditional banking, wealth and investment management institutions. Customers rarely visit a branch, preferring to manage their money digitally. It's also easier than ever to switch providers. This landscape demands an outstanding digital customer experience in financial services.

Get insights into the digital journey to deliver a better customer experience and develop new digital products and services. Our web and mobile app analytics give you the information you need to see how your digital channels are performing and alert you to where and why customers are struggling. Monitor what is happening in real time and drill down to understand and resolve the root cause of problems.

Map Digital Banking Journeys

Unify digital banking insights

Digital banking customers interact with multiple departments during their lifecycle. Glassbox gives them all a single view of the customer experience, so everyone can see what’s happened so far and what should happen next.
Speedy Resolutions

Speedy resolutions

Keep a complete, tamperproof record of every session, showing everything the customer sees as well as what happens behind the scenes.
React At Speed

React fast

Automatically monitor and get alerts to issues that are impacting customer experience so you can intervene quickly to fix the problem.
Bringing Banks Together

Bringing banks together

Get one digital truth so departments can work together collaboratively to solve customer problems.

See Glassbox’s unparalleled data privacy and security

Grow your topline

Glassbox shows you when and why customers abandon a journey, so you can remove the cause and increase your conversion rates. We also help you to see what customers are interested in, and reveal hidden lines of business and audiences so you can develop new products to meet demand.

Improve online support

Glassbox gives your contact center the ability to provide real-time support. With session replays available in your CRM, agents can co-browse with customers to assist with their digital experience and increase contact center effectiveness—and ultimately reduce churn, increase customer satisfaction and NPS.

Investigate fraud

Glassbox enables you to thoroughly investigate fraud and determine exactly what happened to decide how to respond and potentially identify ways of detecting recurrences in the future. AI and machine learning finds abnormal or irregular activity, helping you to protect against potential fraud in real time. Plus, Glassbox has built-in data privacy and compliance support through data omitting and masking capabilities.

Lower storage costs

Regardless of the degree of personalization of an individual customer journey, Glassbox captures and stores all user sessions as required by the regulator. Each session is securely compressed and archived in the industry’s only single-tenant cloud. Our patented compression technology makes it affordable to store data, while keeping it easy to retrieve and replay instantly—and to resolve complaints and undertake past business reviews.
Case Studies

Purina increases digital engagement across their website

"With insights into our users behavior, we improved customer experience, engagement and ultimately drove more revenue."
Jill Taylor
Digital Product Lead
Case Studies

NBrown increases customer lifetime value

"By understanding the friction points driving conversions, we increased both customer acquisition and their lifetime value"
Chris Grant
Head of User Experience
Case Studies

Visa CAL streamlines their credit card application process

"With Glassbox, we found the full root cause of the issue, including communication with the server.”
Ofer Goldberg
Head of Digital Services
Case Studies

Air Canada removes friction from the online reservation process

"If I had to choose only one analytics tool for my product, it would be Glassbox without hesitation.”
Sylvain Robitaille
Senior Customer Experience Analyst
Case Studies

Bank Leumi saw ROI with Glassbox for mobile apps in just 8 weeks

"We couldn’t imagine better cooperation with a tech partner than the one we have with Glassbox.”
Mobile App Product Manager
Bank Leumi
Case Studies

SoFi improves digital journey for big revenue impact

"Glassbox gives us the most accurate view of how our members experience our app and gives us confidence in our UX.”
Software Development Lead
Case Studies

Just Right Improves the Digital Experience for Pet Owners

"With insights into our users’ behavior on different devices, we are delivering best in class experiences on both mobile and web"
Courtney Toder
Digital Product Lead

Get built-in compliance with Glassbox