Unlocking Customer Delight With Deeper Data

Products are loaded with well intended features that no one actually cares about. But it’s tough to decipher what users are looking for when typical product analytics solutions only capture a fraction of their overall experience.

Innovative product teams are leveraging a radical new approach to data and analytics—and so can you. Learn how to tap contextual insights, eliminate guesswork and put customer delight on repeat.

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What's inside

Our massive guide is crammed with actionable takeaways to help you go deeper with data and ship features your customers are obsessed with (we’re talking K-Pop level fandom… or at least the business world equivalent).

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Getting to the bottom of Agile data problems

  • How traditional product analytics make it impossible to truly understand users

  • The biggest cause of data problems on Agile product teams

  • Why Agile alone isn’t enough to continually improve your product

Maximise conversion

Transforming your product with superior data

  • What better data actually looks like in Agile product management—and where to find it

  • How to dramatically improve product planning, road mapping, user research, customer interviews and feature analysis

  • How to use better data to learn what customers really want

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Case studies, quick tips & takeaways

  • How Google discovered its users made lousy fortune tellers

  • How Calm used better data to make one small tweak—and immediately 3X retention

  • How to expand your insights using the tools you already have

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Innovative product teams around the world are leveraging Glassbox to tap contextual insights, eliminate guesswork and put customer delight on repeat.

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