Connect feedback and experience using Glassbox Voice-of-Customer (VoC)

Improve your customers’ digital journey by giving them a channel for feedback and combining what they say with what they actually experience.

The joint power of digital experience analytics and VoC

Providing customers with a channel for feedback not only helps surface issues that may arise during their journey, but also – and perhaps more importantly – shows your customers that you listen and their voice matters.
By bringing voice-of-customer and digital experience analytics (DXA) to one centralized platform, Glassbox VoC allows you to better understand and resolve issues surfaced through customer feedback, quantify its impact on your traffic, proactively build a digital experience and better engage your customers to provide feedback where it’s most needed.

Improve issue resolution

By linking feedback to the specific replay of that session, CX analysts and support representatives can look at everything the user experienced leading up to the feedback (as well as during and even after) and identify the root cause of the complaint, question or praise. This allows your teams to resolve issues faster, better and in larger quantities.


No one wants to make major decisions based on just a handful of comments, and studies show that less than ~7%* of users actually provide feedback. Glassbox VoC lets your teams measure the “voice-of-the-silent” and how issues surfaced through feedback are actually affecting 100% of your traffic. Quantifying how feedback and the issues surfaced impact your revenue allows you to prioritize efforts based on business impact, not just a handful of comments.

Identify growth opportunities

Customer feedback is not only useful for reactively addressing problems, but also for proactively identifying opportunities for business growth. By analyzing the full journeys taken by those who provide positive feedback and comparing them to the journeys of negative feedback and the “voice-of-the-silent,” your teams can learn what drives satisfied users to convert. This can then be applied across your customers’ digital experience to help increase conversion and revenue.

Experience driven VoC

Passively allowing customers to provide feedback themselves, or prompting them for feedback by page, segment or at the end of a process doesn’t always result in a lot of useful feedback. This is particularly true if the experience was so tiring that the user has no patience for it. With Glassbox VoC, you are able to target your users for feedback based on their experience and struggles in real time, and engage them when and where they need it the most. This encourages more feedback, more relevant feedback and – most importantly – shows your customers you care.
Good Faith

Variety of feedback types

Prompt visitors with free text, NPS and CSAT feedback requests.
Unique Experiences

Real-time feedback

Prompt customers for feedback by live experience as it’s happening.
One Handy Platform

Centralized DXA and VoC

Leverage VoC data across Glassbox and link directly to relevant session replay, struggle, business impact and revenue.

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