Act faster

Leverage AI-prioritized improvements to rapidly find and correct sources of friction at any stage of the customer journey

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Convert digital friction into customer delight

Glassbox enables organizations to consistently delight their customers through world-class digital experiences.

  • Create self-optimizing digital customer experiences

  • Use AI-prioritized improvements to squash sources of friction

  • Refine every interaction in real time to build loyalty and drive more revenue

Solve friction on the spot

Glassbox proactively identifies sources of friction and deploys immediate improvements to minimize the damage, including auto-fixed markup language to enhance UX for individual users.

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Tackle problems preemptively

Glassbox doesn’t just flag issues for you. It anticipates them. Get ahead of bounces, struggles and abandonment with AI-correlated feedback and immediate corrective actions.

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Strengthen your brand with every interaction

Skip the weeks of manual A/B testing and navigating stakeholder priorities. Glassbox was built for digital brands who want to quickly establish superior customer experiences as their differentiator. Efficiently refine individual touchpoints or entire journey segments to drive as much loyalty and revenue as possible.

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The safest route to AI optimization

Digital brands use Glassbox to safely deploy advanced AI capabilities for exceptional customer experiences. We maintain enterprise-grade security protocols and are fiercely committed to responsible AI principles.

A fan favorite in world-class customer intelligence

Boost your organization’s customer IQ

See why digital leaders use Glassbox to analyze over 1 trillion web and mobile sessions each year—and translate deep insights into better digital experiences.