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Gain an unmatched view of the entire customer journey across every digital channel

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Deeper insights. Half the effort.

Glassbox combines tagless data capture with AI-powered analytics to dramatically improve how teams understand and delight their customers. Our platform automatically:

  • Captures unlimited interactions & technical events on any digital channel

  • Identifies the root cause of customer behavior

  • Surfaces patterns, trends and key insights for easy analysis

Spin raw data into savvy decisions

Deeper data should make your job easier, not bury you in drudge work. Glassbox replaces cumbersome manual reporting with AI-powered dashboards, so you can connect the dots and make informed decisions without breaking a sweat (or reaching for that bottle of aspirin on your desk).

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Free your inner data genius

Advanced customer insights shouldn’t require an advanced degree. Glassbox leverages AI to identify and surface the most critical findings at every journey stage, so non-technical stakeholders can effectively get to the bottom of customer behavior.

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Understand customer journeys as they unfold

Glassbox collects real-time customer journey data, enabling immediate visibility into emerging patterns, trends, anomalies and business impact.

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Put exceptional mobile app experiences on repeat

Glassbox is stuffed with standout features to help improve your digital customer experiences—including the most mature native mobile app analytics tool on the market.

A fan favorite in world-class customer intelligence

Boost your organization’s customer IQ

See why digital leaders use Glassbox to analyze over 1 trillion web and mobile sessions each year—and translate deep insights into better digital experiences.