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Stop observing actions and start understanding behavior

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Cut through the noise with insights that actually matter.

Glassbox combines vast customer journey data with abundant contextual insights, so you can:

  • Quickly discover the why behind every tap, click and swipe.

  • Discover how your customers really feel (even when they blow off your feedback surveys)

  • Prioritize improvements that yield actual results

Replace silence with substance

On average, just 4% of customers ever provide feedback. Glassbox’s groundbreaking Voice of the Silent (VoS) tool uses Machine Learning to compare rated sessions from a small minority to similar sessions across your entire user base, revealing your true satisfaction score.

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Get smart about measuring customer journeys

Glassbox is a customer intelligence platform with truly tagless data capture, so you can analyze any element of the customer journey from the get-go and retroactively. You don’t need a crystal ball telling you which elements will be important later—leave that to your competitors, along with the guesswork and predefine slogs.

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Slash the cost and complexity around enterprise data analysis

Glassbox provides a ruthlessly streamlined, surprisingly simple view of the entire customer journey, so you can escape the tangle of tools, dashboards and reports scattering insights across your organization.

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A forcefield for your customers’ data

Glassbox employs best-in-class data privacy and security protocols and responsible AI principles in every aspect of our platform.

A fan favorite in world-class customer intelligence

Boost your organization’s customer IQ

See why digital leaders use Glassbox to analyze over 1 trillion web and mobile sessions each year—and translate deep insights into better digital experiences.