Unlock more insights into your mobile app experience

Get proven, in-depth mobile app analytics so you can deliver experiences your customers love and keep coming back to.

More app insights, none of the risk

Glassbox automatically captures every user interaction and technical event from your native mobile app, giving you all the data you need to analyze the in-app experience. Our proven, lightweight SDK is deployed in many of the world’s most downloaded apps–and has been for years–so you can be sure it works as advertised, every time, with no performance impact.

  • The market’s most mature native mobile apps analytics, combining crash, product and CX analytics.
  • One unified platform for both mobile and web analytics.
  • See not just how users behave, but also why, with session replay.

Take a self-guided tour

Take our self-guided tour to witness first-hand how the industry's most mature native mobile analytics effortlessly reveals the impact of crashes, errors, and latency on user behavior.

Proven, trusted mobile app analytics

Glassbox is rated as G2’s "Highest Satisfaction" and "Easiest to Use" mobile app analytics tool.

That’s because we’ve spent years perfecting and operating it across more than one billion app instances that span frameworks, operating systems, devices and more.

Web and mobile analytics in one

Glassbox provides CX and technical insights for web, native mobile or hybrid apps in a single platform. This allows you to understand cross-channel behavior and points of friction.

Plus, you’ll have the flexibility to shift between native, hybrid and web apps or any mobile framework without changing tools or losing data.

Premium privacy and security controls

Glassbox is designed with privacy and security at the forefront.

Our patent-pending data masking and omitting capabilities allow you to define what data is captured and who can see it.

Glassbox is the only digital experience analytics provider to be ISO 22701 certified and maintains numerous security certifications and practices.

Unsurpassed mobile app analytics

More data, less effort

Taglessly capture all the data you need for analysis and utilise real-time conversion funnels and performance monitoring.

Instant session replays

Video-like session replays show you what customers experience–and why–so you can identify and resolve issues faster.

CX and technical insights

See how crashes, errors and latency affect behavior. Find, prioritize and fix technical issues that may harm customer experience.

Interaction maps

Understand how customers interact with each screen and element.

Funnel analysis

Create ad-hoc funnels to discover why drop-offs and deviations happen.

Journey analysis

Visualize app journeys on an interactive map with AI insights.

Crash analytics

Replicate crashes and understand what caused them.

Performance analytics

See how software, network, OS and device impact experience.

Version insights

View version adoption trends, response times and errors.

High compatibility

Operates seamlessly with Android, iOS, React Native, Flutter, Xamarin and more.

Ecosystem integration

Connect Glassbox with web analytics, APM, VOC and A/B testing tools.

iOS 14 privacy compliant

Recognized by Apple as fully compliant with the iOS 14 security update.

Look no further

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