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Glassbox Wins Mobile App Expansion Deal at Bank Leumi

Glassbox announced today that Bank Leumi are expanding their usage of the Glassbox solution from their website to their native mobile app with the aim of improving digital customer experience and optimising customer support.

Leumi has been using Glassbox to support their online channels since 2014, which has helped the Bank significantly improve many critical activities within its digital lifecycle, such as customer web support calls, customer experience analysis, compliance and many more critical value drivers. It was only natural for Leumi to expand these capabilities to support their growing mobile app activity and receive the same level of visibility from their mobile app as they have been achieving from their website.

“Glassbox’s mobile solution was deployed and delivered live in January 2016. Within 8 weeks Leumi has received the fastest and most effective ROI when compared to previous mobile technology implementations. We couldn’t imagine a better cooperation with a technology partner than the one we have with the Glassbox team,” Bank Leumi commented.

Thanks to Glassbox, Bank Leumi is able to continuously improve its digital services and create a unique banking experience for its customers. Whether using a traditional pc or a mobile device, Leumi customers can obtain up-to-date account information, manage their accounts and perform banking transactions in a simple, convenient, safe and secure manner.

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