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Glassbox’s Second Annual Business Partner Event Returns to Tel Aviv

TEL AVIV – Glassbox Digital, the leader in digital customer management solutions, are hosting their second annual Business Partner Event in Tel Aviv, Israel on July 9-11, 2019.

Glassbox expects to welcome over 50 partners to the event, some of whom will be returning attendees of the first annual event in 2018.

In addition to presentations from Glassbox’s C-level executives and managers, attendees will also hear from Fideuram, Microsoft, and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Glassbox’s business partners will leave with a deeper understanding of the synergy between the various applications they use to keep their digital operations running smoothly.

In hands-on sessions, attendees will not only see Glassbox’s roadmap for the second half of 2019, but also learn how Glassbox differs from the competition and the true value proposition of using real-time analytics for both web and mobile customers.

“Our annual Business Partner Event is an opportunity for us to meet with our partners face-to-face and show how much we appreciate them,” said Audelia Boker, Global VP of Marketing. “It’s also a collaborative experience, as we share what we’ve been working on and our partners share the innovative ways that they’ve been using our solutions.”

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