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SessionCam Partners with SportScheck to Bolster Their Consumers’ Mobile and Web Experiences

SportScheck will harness SessionCam’s pioneering consumer experience solutions to reduce technological disruptions and service more customers internationally

LONDON – SessionCam, a Glassbox company providing enhanced Digital Experience analytics for retailers and brands, today announced a partnership with SportScheck, a leading German sports retailer. The partnership comes after a highly successful pilot program and will see SessionCam’s full array of solutions integrated into SportScheck’s web platforms. SportScheck will harness SessionCam’s offerings to respond swiftly to any glitches and deliver a seamless customer experience.

SessionCam’s digital experience solutions will equip SportScheck with the technologies needed to gain a greater understanding of their customers’ expectations and ensure they are able to offer an enhanced service in a competitive market. Through the use of real-time analytics and decision-making heat maps, SportScheck will be able to respond rapidly to any glitches or errors and benefit from in-depth AI-driven insights into their consumers behaviour to better serve their customers.

“As consumers behaviors and expectations shift, personalization and a frictionless digital experience is crucial to any retailer thriving,” said Kevin Goodings, CEO of SessionCam. “We are excited that SportScheck have chosen SessionCam to provide them with the technologies they need to deliver the optimum service to their customers and thrive in an increasingly digital marketplace.”

“SessionCam’s unique customer centric approach combined with their extensive services ensured that they stood out on the market as the most effective option for our customers,” said Bastian Linder, VP and UX Customer Service for SportScheck. “From our pilot program it became clear immediately that SessionCam would significantly optimize our digital processes and we are eager to deepen this relationship.”

“As digital purchases continue to dominate the retail market, customers’ digital satisfaction is of paramount importance to any retailers short, medium or long-term success,” said Yaron Morgenstern CEO of Glassbox. “We are looking forward to equipping SportScheck with the insights and technologies they need to deliver the best possible digital service to their customers.”

SessionCam was acquired by Glassbox in October 2020 and the combined company services hundreds of customers worldwide, including six of the world’s largest banks as well as leading brands such as SoFi, Singapore Airlines, John Lewis, SuperDry, Admiral and Experian to deliver more than a trillion digital journeys online annually.

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