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How session replay tools empower businesses

In today’s world, everything is instantaneous. People make decisions in split seconds about whether to buy something, continue looking at a website or a mobile app, or even read past the headline of an article. All of these decisions affect the experience performance ratings on your website. If there are features that are quickly unappealing to customers, your website will not be successful.

So far as businesses have been concentrating on the customers in their brick and mortar stores, catering to the customer’s needs has always been a top priority. But what about digital customer management? Digital customers are becoming more and more critical to a business’s success, whether it’s through making a purchase online or reading further information about a product or service they can get offline.

However, if something is going wrong on your website or on your native app, and customers are not following through with reading, completing a transaction or making a purchase, there needs to be a way to see what’s going wrong, and this method needs to be quick as well. This is where session replay tools come into play. They allow a company to see what a customer experienced, what turned them off from the website or the app, and what changes can be made so that turn-off doesn’t happen again.

How to put session replay tools to work

Session replay tools are useful in both short-term and long-term capacities. For the short-term, session replay can be used in as little as three seconds after an action has taken place. This means that if a customer calls for assistance, the customer service representative can pull up the session on their computer and see exactly what went wrong in the sequence of events. This reduces waiting time for customers, provides quick knowledge to support staff, and allows to get a full data record that indicates if what happened was a one-time event or the beginning of a negative trend that needs to be addressed.

For the long term, a company can use session replay tools to bridge the gap between the different divisions. IT can work with customer service on problem-solving methods, and the sales and marketing departments can come up with new strategies to attract customers in better ways. When a company uses the collected digital behavior analytics, they can solve problems faster, make changes as soon as they are needed, and get a better idea of what their customers are looking for. Basically, session replay can lead to not just a better customer experience, but a better company experience, as coworkers use their different pieces of the jigsaw puzzle to put together the complete customer picture.

Session replay tools are dynamic, informative, and effective at providing instant feedback, and when used correctly, can provide a wealth of information. They can also be integrated into Voice of the Customer (VOC) systems to correlate bad feedbacks with customer online struggles.

It’s crucial that session replay tools are as agile and easy to maintain. Tag-less recording technology is available today and enables businesses to record their website and their mobile apps without any pre-configuration of events. Glassbox’s platform for session replay and recording allows you to have all the data you need for a full website and/or mobile app analysis, both at an individual and at a company level, in real time and without any tagging. With tools like these, you can strengthen your website to improve the online and offline customer experience.

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